Sunday, January 31, 2016

Hillary's Crininal Accomplcies

Who are Hillary’s accomplices in her email scandal?

Many State department employees knew exactly that Hillary, then United States Secretary of State was operating outside of the law, outside of policies and certainly outside of any semblance of responsibility or patritism to the the people of the country.

We also learned recently that Uma Aberdeen, Hillary Chief of Staff, was approached by State Department IT managers and indicated IT would build Hillary a secured BlackBerry for her to use for State Department business. Aberdeen enfatically refused, saying “that’s not going to happen”. Why would the SoS chief of staff, the SoS herself be so opposed in using the State Departments classifed email system when conductiong Sate Dept business? This question has yet to be answered.

Who are Hillary’s accomplices? Probably we, the American people, will never know.

Will she be indicted and prosecuted? Probably indicted but probably never prosecuted. I believe the deal has already been sealed. The deal? Obama will premptive pardon Hillary if she ever is indicted. This will allow Hillary to continue her campaign, secure the Democratic nomination and if elected to the Office of President of the United States, she would be able to take office.

ABC News: Hillary Clinton Emails: A Timeline of What Rules Were Allegedly Ignored

Reuters: White House says will not release emails between Obama, Clinton

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Where is this country heading?

This country is in the begininng of the Presidential primaries. The Democrats have a suspected felon, suspected of mis-handling some of the nations most hightly classified documents, an admitted Socialist who has done nothing in his years in the US Senate and a nobody Govenor that has no chance of accomplishing anything during his primary run.

On the Republican side we have a billionaire business man that is so full of himself it’s a wonder he can ever move away from the mirror to attend a rally. Two US Senators, one that at least has lived up to his Senatorail campaign promises, the other has not. A has been Governor that believes just because people can reconize his family’s name he is a shoe in for the nomination. A femail business woman that has is a self made successful business person who by all measures far exceeds the qalifications for President of any of the other candidates. Another Governor who made a fool of himself on national TV welcoming the President of the US with a big bear hug, then turns around and bad mouths the President. A southern Governor who in all honesty would make a good President but unfortunately this country is scared to death of religion, God and those that are deeply religious and believe strongly in God. Then the last is a Libertarian, sort of, that would make a good President except for the fact that the Presidents primary responsibility, as outlined by the Constitution is to protect the country. The Libertarian candidate by his own words will not venture outside of our borders no matter what the threat is.

So where do we go from here?

Saturday, July 11, 2015

What's Next On the Progressives Agenda?

If anybody thought getting rid of the rebel flag, the Supreme Court decision to dictate what marriage means, ordering a business to provide a service to a customer that is against the store owners religions beliefs, providing IUDs and other forms of birth control to 15-year-old girls without parental approval or knowledge was the end of the Lefts/Progressives insistence on changing the American society, you were wrong.  The Left will never be satisfied until everyone in the country is obligated by law to conform to their demands.  Below is but just a few links to articles discussing where the left is going next.

Friday, August 29, 2014

He Really Does Have A Strategy

This tells you all you need to know about where the priorities of the Progressives, the Democratic Party and the President are.  
Obama has been working on a "strategy" to get immigration reform (read amnesty) implemented without Congress (that's without the voice of the people in our form of Government) but he doesn't have a strategy for the terrorist threat that has been growing for many years.  What's happening in Iraq, Syria, Middle East just didn't start in the last couple of months.  The threat to the U.S. has been growing and the Administration and Obama have known about it as demonstrated by the reports linked below.